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Oracal 631 Limited Edition Colors

Below you will find tiles of each color available and a size selector. You can mix and match colors, sizes and quantities without navigating away from this page. Your choices will be visible for confirmation in your shopping cart.

  • Click on the size you wish to purchase, then
  • Select the color
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  • Click "Add to Cart" and repeat steps for additional selections

Oracal 631 also known as "Artist' vinyl or 'Wall Art" vinyl is particularly well-suited for use on painted dry-wall surfaces. The vinyl itself has the look and feel of matte eggshell paint and comes in more than 50 beautiful colors. The application will last for approx 3 years and can be easily removed without leaving a residue behind. The adhesive is clear and water soluable. While the manufacturer claims 3 year durability, it can last much longer, but the adhesive may begin to break down over time.

Although wall application is a very popular choice, Oracal 631 is equally well-suited to many projects and surfaces including glass, porcelain, ceramics and wood. Visit our Pinterest pages for project ideas.

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