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SEFamericas MetalFlex Heat Transfer Film 20% Off

Light, very stretchable and with a beautiful metal effect that shimmers as the fabric moves. You will never have to worry anymore about washing a metallic heat transfer film because MetalFlex brings you an excellent 40°C washing fastness.
It is a water based 100% polyurethane super thin & super soft film with excellent stretch, opacity & color fastness. The sticky liner / carrier allows for fine cutting detail and fast weeding of a graphic or lettering. Large and multi-layered graphics can be applied without loss of wearing comfort.
MetalFlex is suitable for cotton, cotton– polyester and blended textiles. It is not suitable for nylon or coated textiles.


Transfer Recommedations:

  1. Transfer Temperature: 160-170°C (330°F)
  2. Transfer Time: 17-15 seconds
  3. Pressure: Medium/High
  4. Tip - Waiting for the product to cool down 20 seconds before removing the liner after pressing will give a shinier finish

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